What I can do for you

What I can do for you

As my role as your Member of parliament I am here to support you in anyway I can to find solutions to issues you may have relating to


Communities & Families

Energy & Utilities


Social services/Social Care

Local Government


Health Services

Parliament, Government and Politics


If you would like me and my team to investigate your case, please email me at ian.levy.mp@parliament.uk and we will aim to respond within 10 working days. You will always receive a written response from the office.

Please note, strict Parliamentary protocol dictates I can only deal with concerns relating to or respond to policy queries of constituents living in Blyth Valley. If I am not your Member of Parliament, please re-direct your query to your own MP.

Immigration Cases:
In some cases, I may be able to assist with matters of immigration, there are very strict rules which state what an MP can and can’t do and it is always important to remember that MP’s are not above the law and so cannot overturn decisions that have been made by the courts.

As always, if you would like to book a face to face appointment at my office, please contact me at ian.levy.mp@parliament.uk