Have Your Say: Fireworks

Every year I receive a large amount of correspondence from constituents about fireworks and their concerns surrounding safety, antisocial behaviour and their impact on vulnerable people and animals in our community.  

However I want to know what residents across my constituency think about this issue so please take five minutes to share your views with me.

Have your say: Fireworks

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1.1. Do you or a member of your family normally visit a firework display?
1.2. Is it a public firework display or a private one, such as in someone's back garden?
1.3. Do you, a family member or pet find fireworks distressing?
1.4. Would you like to see further restrictions on fireworks?
1.5. If you answered yes to the previous question, what kind of restriction?
1.7. Would you like to see a focus on alternatives to fireworks, such as drones, for public displays?